Creating an Invoice

One way to create an invoice is to go to the “Finances” tab and click “Invoices

You will then click the green “New Invoice” button.


You still start by selecting what customer this invoice will be for.
If you need to add a new customer click the “+” button

Then start adding the items and services to the invoice.

To learn how to create items/services you can go here:

You can also add a package of items and services to the invoice. To learn how to create a package go here:

Next you will see your “Terms” and “Notes Visible for Customer

You can edit these areas at this time or in your settings.

(Note: If you make changes to these areas while creating a new invoice, the changes will only apply to the current new invoice being created. If you want the change made to all future invoices you will have to edit them in settings)

Once you are happy with the invoice the blue “Save Invoice” button.

Other Ways to Create Invoices

You can also create invoices in several other ways:

To learn how to create an invoice from an estimate click here:

To learn how to set up automatic invoicing click here:

To create an invoice from your schedule click here:

Updated on January 6, 2023

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