Packages of Items and Services

Table of Contents

  1. Creating a Package
  2. Adding a Package to an Estimate

Creating a Package

If there are several services or items you would like to bundle and offer together, you can create a package.

To create a package you will click the “Resources” tab and click “Items & Services

Next, you will click the “Packages” tab

Next click the green “+ Items Package” button then click “New Items Package

You will then see the page to fill out the package name and the items you want to be included in the package.

To add a new item to the package, click the green “+ Add Line” button

When finished, press the green “Save Package” button.

Adding a Package to an Estimate

To add a package of items/services to an estimate, click the “Finances” tabEstimates.

Next click the green “+New Estimate“button.

Under the “Item or Service/Description” section click the yellow “Add Package” button

This will add all of the items included in the package as line items on the estimate.

Updated on February 25, 2024
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