• LawnPro Video Manual

    All of our help videos in one place. Click “Start Watching” to watch them all. Or scroll down through the categories to watch specific playlists or videos.

  • Packages of Items and Services

    Packages allow you to create a group of items and services, then add them to a visit or invoice with one click instead of having to enter them one by one. Here’s how to set up a package:  

  • How to Add an Item or Service

    To add an item or service to LawnPro, from the lefthand menu click “resources” then click “Items & Services”. You can also get to this screen by clicking here: https://secure.lawnprosoftware.com/resources/srv Once on this screen, click the green, “+ Items & Services” button. This lets you either add an Item or…

  • How to View Emails Sent to a Customer

    To view the email history of emails sent to any customer, on the left menu click “Emails”. Once on the email screen, click the “Sent / History” link. This will show you all of the emails to any customer.  You can also click the “Click to View” link under the…

  • Add-On Features

    Add-on features are extra features that can be enabled for your account for a small monthly fee and added to any account (even our free plan). Some of these are included with monthly plans. Add-on features cost the same no matter which plan you are on. Routes Optimize your route…

  • First Steps After Signing Up

    Here’s a very short guide to get you started after creating your LawnPro account. These are the most common steps to take after setting up your account. Add Your Company Details You can set your company details on the Settings > Profile page. You can get to this page by…

  • How to Reset Your Account

    Resetting your account will delete all customers, invoices, and payments, etc. IMPORTANT: This cannot be undone, your customers, invoices, payments, etc will be permanently deleted.

  • How to Add Employees

    To add employees, from the left menu, click “Resources” then click “Employees”. Click the green “+ Add Employee” button.

  • How to Change the Location of a Property if it’s Wrong on Maps / Routes

    Sometimes Google or Mapquest may get it wrong. You entered the correct address but it isn’t correct on your map of customers or your routes.  You can easily fix this and move them to the right location. To do that, on the left menu, click “Customers” then click “Properties”. Once…