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Add-On Features

Add-on features are extra features that can be enabled for your account for a small monthly fee and added to any account (even our free plan).

Some of these are included with monthly plans.

Add-on features cost the same no matter which plan you are on.


  • Optimize your route for each day
  • List your stops for each day and see each job’s address
  • Only $9 per month

Client Login Widget

  • Let’s you add a button or link to your website so your customers log into the client portal to pay their invoices, see their estimates, etc
  • Choose from 4 different code snippets to add to your site
  • Only $9 per month

QuickBooks Online Sync

  • Auto-sync customers, invoices, and payments between QuickBooks and LawnPro
  • Only works with QuickBooks Online, but not with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Works best if you only have your customers in either QuickBooks or LawnPro
  • If you have the same customers in both QuickBooks and LawnPro enabling syncing might lead to duplicated customers
  • Only $15 per month

Time Tracking Pro Version

  • Have multiple employees track time for a visit and start and stop the timer multiple times
  • Clock in before calendar shows up and clock out at the end of the day
  • Approve time tracked by employees and keep track of their payments
  • Set hourly rates for jobs and for other activities like Driving, etc
  • Only $10 per month for unlimited time tracking of any and all employees.
  • Tracks GPS location of when an employee clocks in or out, starts the job clock timer, etc.


  • Saves all your customers, invoices, payments, documents, etc each day
  • Download and open your backed up data in Excel in a csv format
  • Great for feeding your customers into a marketing tool (like MailChimp) or just calculate stats
  • Only $7 per month

ACH Payments

  • Allow your customers to pay via ACH. You do need to connect your Stripe account for ACH
  • Lower processing fees: only 0.80%, capped at $5
  • For example a $100 ACH payment incurs a $0.80 fee; any payments above $625 cost $5
  • Especially useful if you routinely charge customers large amounts on a recurring basis
  • Only $8 per month

Unlimited Text Messaging

  • Send your invoices and estimates via text
  • Group text your clients and ask if they need work done (especially useful in severe weather conditions)
  • Set up automations to auto-text your clients about past-due invoices, upcoming visits, visits completed, etc
  • Only $19 per month

Updated on December 18, 2022
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