Main Schedule Page

The Main Schedule Page has many different ways you can view your schedule and several other helpful features related to your schedule. This article is an overview of what you can find on this page.

To get to your schedule, you will click “Schedule” on the side menu and select “Schedule“.

On the main schedule page there are several different tabs.

The first three tabs are for the different views.

You can view the schedule by day, week, or month and you can view each of those on a calendar or grid view.

Day Calendar View

Week Calendar View

Month Calendar View

Day Grid View

The next tab you have is the All Events tab. This tab has a grid view only and shows all events on your current schedule.

The next tab is the “Recurring” Tab. This tab will have all of your recurring series information. Click here to learn more about the Recurring tab.

The Routes Tab is where you will create and optimize your team’s routes. You can learn more about the Routes tab here.

The Pending Dispatch Tab. Find more info here.

The Quick Dispatch Tab has two sub-tabs:

– Quick Dispatch
– Quick Dispatch Templates

Quick Dispatch

Quick Dispatch Templates

The Multi-Step Programs Tab also has two sub-tabs:

– Multi Step Programs
-Multi Step Program Templates

Multi Step Programs

Multi Step Program Templates

You can filter the calendar by crews, items & services, tags, invoice status and more.

You can reorder and add events.

Last, you can export a CSV file or print the schedule.
You can learn more about these things and get a more in depth look at each tab in the articles for each tab page.

Updated on February 25, 2024
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