Outstanding Balances on Invoices

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  2. Checking Sent Status of Invoices
  3. Outstanding Balance Settings


If your customer has an outstanding balance, but their invoices are showing the outstanding balance is $0.00 it could be because their invoices have not been sent or at least marked sent.

If it is not showing the outstanding balance field at all, you could have it hidden in settings.

Checking Sent Status of Invoices

To check the sent status of the invoices you will click the “Finance Tab” and click “Invoices“.

Search for the invoice by customer or invoice number

You can check the sent status here:

If the status is “Not Sent” and you want to send the invoice now, you will select the box beside the invoice you’re wanting to send and and click “Send By” and select how you would like to send the invoice.

If you do not want to send it, but just mark it as sent. You will select the box beside the invoice(s) and click “Mark As” and select how you want to show it was sent.

After you send the invoices or at least mark them as sent, he outstanding balance should automatically update with any totals not paid from the sent invoices.

Outstanding Balance Settings

To check settings to make sure you haven’t hid outstanding balances (or to hide them), click the gear icon on the top right of the page and then the “Invoices, Estimates, and Receipts” Tab and scroll down. You will see these settings:

You also can change these settings on a customer basis.

To check these settings for a certain customer, click the Customer Tab>Customers.

Click the pencil button for the customer you are wanting to check the outstanding balance settings for.

On the right side of the screen you will see the checkbox for hiding the outstanding balance.

Updated on February 20, 2023

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