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Customer Source Report



To get a report of your customer sources go to the Reports Tab.




Click “Customer Source




Select the Date Range you would like to be on the report.

This will show the customers added during the date range chosen.

By default it will show Current Year to Date.blank




Select the Customers you would like on the report.

By default it will show All Customers (that were added in the date range selected.)blank




Select the Customer Source.

By default it will show all Sources (for the customers and dates selected)blank



Once the report is generated you can export an excel sheet or CSV file or you can print the report. blank




Here is how to add/edit a customer’s source:

Go to the Customer Tab>Customers

Find the customer and click the pencil button. 

Click the area beside “How the Customer Found Out About Us” and choose or add a new source.

This page saves automatically when you click outside of the field you updated. blank

Updated on February 28, 2022

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