Create a Quick Dispatch Template

To create a quick dispatch template go to your schedule screen by clicking the “Schedule” tab.

You will then click the “Quick Dispatch” tab and click “Quick Dispatch Templates

Name the Dispatch Template and click the plus signs to add the properties you’re wanting in this group.

Here you will be able to customize several options for each customer that you add. You can choose if this property visit is invoiceable, the time allowed for the visit, and any notes that need to be added.

Note: The services/ items that were set as the default services/ items when adding the property to the customer is what will automatically be added under “Services:”

To learn how to edit those, click here:

(You can remove them if this visit is for a different service)

Once you have all the customers added you can then add additional services

Then you can assign employees to the properties and save the template.

Updated on February 26, 2023

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