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Default Items & Services for a Property


If you use the same items and services every visit to a property, you can speed things up by assigning default items and services.
To do this, you can add them when setting up the property or you can go back in and edit the property to add them.

To add when creating a property, go to the “Customer” tab and click “Properties



Click the green ” + Add New Property” button



On this page, you’ll a “Default Items or Services for this Property” section.

To add a line item, start typing the item or service in the box. If you have this item or service set up in your account it will pop down as an option to add.

If you want to add another line, click the green “+ Add Line” button.




When finished, click the blue “Save Property” button




To add or edit default items or services after the property has already been created, you will go to the Customer tab and click Properties. Then you will find the property you want to edit or add to and click the pencil button beside that property.


Updated on February 20, 2022

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