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Estimate Specific Automations

You can set automations for specific Estimates.

You can do this when you edit the Estimate. 

Once you are on the Estimate, you will see the Automations on bottom.

These automations are ONLY for this Estimate. They will not cause any automations on future or past estimates.

You can toggle all Automations off or on all together or individually. 




If you turn the toggle off, all the automations will turn off and you will get this message.




If you toggle them all back on you see will see this message:blank




Once they are all turned off you can then turn them off and on individually.blank




You also turn “Review” on/off for each automation.

This will allow you to be able to review each automation on your dashboard before it is actually sent. blank



At the bottom you will be able to see any automations that have already ran for this Estimate.


Updated on March 2, 2022

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