Email a Document

You can email a Document a couple different ways.

The first way is from the Email Tab You can select a template from the drop down or you can type up your own email.  Select the customer you are sending this email.

To select the customer, click the “+” next to the customer.  Next click Documents to view your documents.

To select one to add it to the email, click the “+” button. You will see a link for the document added to the email.

You can also click “Options- Click to Show” if you want to add the PDF of the document.  When you are done typing up the email, click the preview button to see what the email looks like.  If you are ready to send you email, click the blue “Send Email” button.

The second way to send a document via email is from the Documents Tab.

Find the document you want to send and click the envelope button.

A pop up will appear and you will choose you are sending it to by clicking the “+” sign. You can send it to more than one person.

You can check the box if you want to send a PDF of the document with the email.

When you are ready to send the email click the blue “Send Email” button. 

Updated on February 26, 2024
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