Contracts & Level Billing Agreements

If you want to bill someone the same amount each month but show the services you performed at their property, level billing is the way to go.

To set up a level billing agreement, click on “Finances” from the left menu, then click on “Contracts / Level Billing


Click the green “+ New Contract” button.

Select the customer you want to create the level billing agreement for.

Enter a contract name or number. This can be anything you want it to be.

Next, choose how often you want to bill them. In this example we are just going to do it on the first day of each month.

Choose the start date and end dates for this agreement.

Finally enter the number of Invoices. In most cases this will be 12 (one for each month).


Next we will enter an item or service we perform there. As you enter this you will see this multiplied x the number of invoices you chose to create for the year.

In the “Invoice Total” box this will show you what the total for each invoice will be.

In the “Contract Total” box you will see the total for the year / contract.

Updated on July 22, 2021

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