• Send a Text Message

    Once you have text messaging set up (see here if you need help with that: https://help.lawnprosoftware.com/knowledge-base/set-up-text-messaging/ ) You will then click the “Send Text Messages” tab Next you can enter the message you want to send or you can choose from a text template Then you will select who the…

  • Set up Text Messaging

    To set up text messaging, click the “SMS text” tab.   If you have not signed up for texting, you will see a message describing the text message feature. Click the green “Enable Text Messaging” button. (Unlimited text messaging is $19 a month)    

  • Add new Template to Custom Fields

    To add a new template to your customer fields, click the “Resources” tab and click “Custom Fields”   Next, click the green “+ New Template” button   Fill in the fields   Click the blue “Save Template” when finished.  

  • Edit a Property

    To edit a property click on the “Customers” tab and click “Properties”   Find the property you would like to edit and click the pencil button for that property.   Changes on this page with save automatically.

  • Edit a Customer

    To edit a customer click the “Customers” tab and click “Customers”   Find the customer you want to edit and click the pencil button for that customer.   Once you are on the customer’s profile you will be able to edit their information, settings, view their invoices and payments, add…

  • Apply a Customer’s Credit to an Invoice

    To apply a customer’s credit towards an invoice click the “Finance” tab and click “payments“   Next, click the green “Add Payment” button   Select the customer. If the customer has an outstanding invoice, you will see it in the “apply to” drop down.   Enter the amount you want…

  • Add a Credit to a Customer’s Account

    To add a credit to a customer’s account click the “Finances” tab and click “Payments” Click the green “Add payment” button   Select the customer and then select “Add as a customer credit” in the “apply to” section   Once all information is filled out be sure to click the…

  • Set up Auto-Charge

    Once your customer’s have credit cards on file and have given you permission to auto-charge their cards, you can set up auto-charge to free up some of your time. To do this, click the “Customers” tab then click “Auto-charge Cards” On this page you’ll see two buttons. You can edit…

  • Outstanding Balances

    If your customer has outstanding balances, but their invoices are showing it is $0.00 it could be because their invoices have not been sent or at least marked sent.   To this this you will click the “Finance” tab and click “Invoices” You will then select the box beside the…

  • Add New Chemical

    To add a new chemical, click on the “Chemical” tab and then click “Chemical Tracking” Next, click the green “+ New Chemical” button   Fill out the information about the new chemical and click the blue “Save Chemical” button.