• Fertilizer Calculator

    The Fertilizer Calculator lets you enter how wide and long the area you’re going to  fertilizing will be, your minimum charge, and how much you’re going to charge per 1000 sq ft. and calculates how many sq ft it will be and how much you should charge. 

  • Sod Calculator

    The Sod Calculator lets you enter how wide and long the area you’re wanting to cover and gives you the square footage, square yards, and how many pieces you would need for 18 x 24 inch sod or 18 x 48 inch sod. 

  • Charge by the Sq. Ft Calculator

    The “Charge by the Sq. Ft Calculator” calculates how much to charge based on the measurements you enter and how much you want to charge per sq. foot. You can find this calculator on the “Calculator” tab in the left side menu.

  • LawnPro App Links

    Your team can access LawnPro in the field to clock in, view their route, and much more by using our App. Download our app for iPhone or Android by clicking the links below. LawnPro iPhone App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lawn-pro/id1470438010 LawnPro Android App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lawn-pro/id1470438010

  • Creating an Invoice

    Table of Contents Overview Creating an Invoice on the Finance Tab Create an Invoice from an Estimate Auto-Invoicing Create an Invoice from Your Schedule Overview There are several different ways an invoice can be created in Lawnpro. This article will go over each way so you can decide what will…

  • Client Portals

    Table of Contents 1. Viewing Client Portal as Your Client Would See it 2. How Your Customer Can Save Payments Methods on File 3. Invoices and Estimates 4. Paying in Client Portal 5. Documents and Pictures 6. Work Requests 7. Leaving a Review Viewing Client Portal as Your Client Would…

  • Getting Started with Your LawnPro Account

    Table of Contents Overview First Steps After Signing Up How to Contact Support Help Us Help You- Trouble Shooting Tips Overview This article covers basic steps to help with setting up your LawnPro account. This is the best place to start after signing up for your account. First Steps After…

  • Help Us Help You- Troubleshooting Tips

    OVERVIEW In order for our Support Team to quickly troubleshoot an issue and get it fixed, there are a couple steps you can try first that will help speed up the process of getting the issue handled if our team needs to step in. STEPS TO TRY IS EVERYTHING UP TO…