Wisetack Overview

With Wisetack, you can give your clients the option to pay over time, helping them get the service they want – faster. You improve your close rate, and your clients get to afford their dream job.


Our partnership with Wisetack allows you to offer your customers easy and transparent financing. Once enabled, the option to pay over time will automatically appear on every invoice or estimate you send over $500 through LawnPro. You get paid as soon as the work is complete, while Wisetack takes care of collecting payment from the customer.


Complete and close

Stand out from the competition by giving your customers a quick and easy way to access consumer-friendly financing. Win more jobs and boost your average job size, without having to lower your prices.


Make it easy

Your customers apply on the privacy of their own mobile device and get a decision within seconds, all without affecting their credit scores. If approved, they can choose to pay over 3 to 60 months with APRs as low as 0%*.


Get paid, worry-free

Let your customers pay over time so they can get the work they want, while you get paid as soon as the job is done. The cost to you is only 3.9% per transaction, and your customers get to choose the rates and payment terms that work for them.



Once you login to your LawnPro account, you can start an application from the settings page (Setup & Manage Financing). Completing the application takes less than 5 minutes.

After your application has been submitted, it may take up to five business days to process the application. You’ll receive an email from Wisetack when your application has been processed. And you’ll see in your LawnPro account that you’ve been approved too!

Note that only businesses with $150,000 in annual revenue (annualized) will see the Wisetack integration.

How much does it cost me?

If approved, it only costs you 3.9% per transaction. No set-up fee, flat fee per transaction, credit card processing on top of Wisetack’s fee, or anything else.

When do I get paid out for the job?

After you’ve finished the job, you get paid in full and the funds arrive in your bank account 1 to 2 business days after the work is completed.


Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about Wisetack and consumer financing, check out Wisetack’s LawnPro Welcome Page here.

To learn more about getting started with Wisetack in your LawnPro account, check out Wisetack’s LawnPro Getting Started Page.



If you have any questions, reach out to the Wisetack Support Team via email (support@wisetack.com) or phone/ text at 1-833-927-0333. Wisetack’s support team is available weekdays 9am-8pm EST & Saturday 9am-6pm EST.

*All financing is subject to credit approval. Your terms may vary. Payment options through Wisetack are provided by our lending partners. For example, a $1,000 purchase could cost $45.18 a month for 24 months, based on a 7.9% APR, or $333.33 a month for 3 months, based on a 0% APR. Offers range from 0-35.9% APR based on creditworthiness. No other financing charges or participation fees. See additional terms at http://wisetack.com/faqs.

Updated on October 12, 2023
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