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Satellite Estimate Calculator

To use the Satellite Estimate Calculator to measure a property and calculate how much to charge for a service, go to the Calculator Tab>Satellite View Area Calculator Start by either typing in an address or selecting an existing customer and property to measure.  Next, click “Measurement Options” button to make sure they are the options you would like to use. For measuring units you have the options to use: feet, yards, meters, or acres You can select how many decimal places you have in your measurements. You can also select how many decimal places you will have in your rate. Next choose what you are measuring.

You can measure: Buildings, Distances, Property, Area, or a Custom selection.

For this example I chose to measure the property.

I chose red for the color of this measurement.

Click in the first corner of the property and then click in the remaining corners. The last line needs to connect to the corner you first clicked on. I then entered the rate for this property (you can do this before or after measuring) and it calculated the total amount. If there is an area that you need to subtract from the total area (such as a building) you can then select to measure and subtract it.

Make sure you enter the rate and choose what to subtract it from. If you would like to save these measurements to the property, click the “Save Measurements to New Property” button if you entered a new address or the “Save Measurement to Property” if you selected a an existing property at the top of the page. To see this saved measurement, you will go to the Customer Tab>Properties Find the property and click the pencil button. Scroll down and you will see it located under the “Custom Field” section.

Updated on February 26, 2024
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