Add New Custom Field

You can add custom fields in several different places.

Example: There is a field you’d like to add to Estimates to be seen internally by employees.

To add a new Custom Field click the “Resources” tab and click “Custom Fields

Next, click the green “+ New Template” button




Select where you want this new custom field to appear.

You have the option to add a custom field to assets (properties), chemical tracking, chemical applications, customers, equipments, estimates, events, invoices, or vendors.

In this example I am adding a custom field to Estimates.




Next, enter what you want the Custom Field to be named/labeled. This is what will show when you see the custom field.

Then choose what type of field you want it to be. You can choose from text, checkbox, date, decimal, or integer.

In this example the new custom field will be named “Referred Customer” and will be a checkbox





If you want the field to move with the work, example being you want it to move from the estimate, to the invoice so you can still see it, check the box to make it a transferrable fieldblank




Last, select the default value. In this case, since it is a checkbox you will choose if you want it to automatically be checked or not. blank




When finished, click the blue “Save Field” button.blank




You will then see this new field when creating a new Estimate. At this time is only visible on your end when you edit the edit.

It will not appear on already created estimates or when the customer views the estimate. blank






Updated on April 5, 2022

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