Add New Chemical

To add a new chemical, click on the “Chemical” tab and then click “Chemical Tracking

Next, click the green “+ New Chemical” button

Fill out the information about the new chemical:

Date: The date of the chemical application.

Customer: The customer you are servicing.

Property: The property you are applying the chemical treatment to.

Chemical: The chemical you are using.

Area Treated: The size of the area being treated in square feet.

Amount Used: How many gallons of his chemical you used.

Temperature: The EPA’s regulation # for this chemical

Wind Speed: Wind speed at the time of application.

Wind Direction: The wind direction at the time of the application.

Reason for Use: The reason for using this chemical such as “weed control”.

Employee: The employee applying the application.

Equipment: The equipment used to apply the chemical.

Notes: Any notes you want to add about the expense .

Once you enter this information, click on the blue “Save Chemical Application” button.

Updated on December 18, 2022
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