Edit an Item/ Service

If you have an existing Item/Service but need to make changes to it or want to add it to all future invoices, you will go to the Resource Tab>Items & Services.




Once on the Items & Services page, find the item or service you would like to edit and click the pencil button.




The first option you will see is the option to “Duplicate With New Price”blank




This will save you time allow you to copy the Service or Item and create a new one with a different price.blank




Next you can edit the Main Info:




-If this item is an inventory itemblank




-If you want to Add this Item/Service to all future INVOICES.

Note: This will not add the item/service to the visit, but you will see it once you create the invoice. This is meant for things such as a fuel surcharge. blank




Last, you can add/edit a description of the item/service and edit the inventory information if this is an inventory item.

Fields on this page save automatically except for the inventory Items sections. If you changed anything there be sure to click the blue “Update Inventory Items” button.blank

Updated on March 11, 2022

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