To send or print a document to one or more of your customers, click "Documents" from the left menu. 

This will take you to the documents section.
Once on this screen, choose the document template you want to use by selecting it from the "Select Template" drop down box.

Once you have chose the document, you can make any quick changes to it (this won't change the template itself but just this document). 

Click the blue "Create Document" button. This will save it to your documents list box on the right side of the screen.

When you are ready to send or print the document, click either the mail button or the print button to the right of the document you want to print or mail.

If you click mail, you will see this popup - 

On the right side, click the + sign next to the customer or customers you want to send it to. Then click send by email or send by Regular Mail.
(You can choose to email it or have us print and mail it for you).

If you click print you will see this popup - 

It works just like the email / mail popup. Simply choose the customers you want to print this document for by clicking the + sign next to their name. After you have chosen them, click the blue "Print" button. 

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