This article describes how your customers can access the client portal and how they can set up a password, etc.

Whenever you send an invoice or estimate to a customer, your customer will receive a link to the client portal.

By default your customers will be able to view their invoices and estimates without setting up a password on the client portal. They will also be able to pay invoices without a password.

However if they would like to store their credit card details, or make ACH payments, then your customer will need to set up a username and password for the client portal.

There are 2 ways to create credentials for the client portal:

1) Let Clients Create Their Own Login Credentials

Clients can go to the My Profile tab on the client portal and add their login credentials:

2) You can Create Login Credentials for your Clients

You can also set the login credentials for your clients on the customer details page:

Once the Login Required checkbox is checked your client will need to log in whenever opening the client portal (or receiving an invoice from you). But once they log in they will be able to pay with their card on file or make ACH payments.

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