You can create custom groups of your customers to send messages to. This is great for grouping users by neighborhood, types of services they all get and more.

To create a group, on the menu click "Texts" then once on the text message screen, click "Send Text Messages".

In the middle box on the screen, click the blue "Groups" button.

Name your group then click the green "Add Group" button.

Once you have your group named, click the person icon to the right of the group name. 

Now you can either search for customers by entering their name in the search box or simple click the black
"+" button to the right of a customer's name to add them to the group. 

Now that you have a custom group set up you can easily send to the entire group.
Just click the template you want (or enter a custom message), click the green chat icon next to the group name, then click the blue "Send" button.

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