Document templates allow you to create one document and use it over and over for multiple customers. 

To create or edit a document template, on the left menu, click "Documents" then once you are on the document page, click "Document Templates".

To create a document, type the name you want to call the document in the "Name" field. Now simply type what you want the document to say.
The great thing about document templates is you can use the "Insert Customer / Company Info" button to add places where the information will automatically be filled in with the your companies' and customer's information. 

When you click one of the blue buttons on the "Insert  Customer / Company Info" popup, it will add a tag like this {{CUSTOMER_LAST_NAME}} {{CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME}} to your document.

When you send or print the document from a template, that tag will automatically be replaced with your customer's and companies' info!

Once you have your document looking like you want it, just click the blue "Create Template" button. This will save it to your list of templates. 

To edit a template, on the "Document Template" screen, on the right side is your document template list. Click the pencil icon next to the name of the document template you want to edit. 

Once you make the changes to the template, click the blue "Update Template" button to save that template. 

Here is what one of the pre-made documents looks like -
(You can click this screenshot to see it larger)

Here is what it looks like when you print it -
(You can see the tags for customer and company information have been replaced automatically with your company info and the customer or customers you chose to send it to).

Now that you know how to create and edit a document template, you can click here for a quick tutorial on how to send documents.

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